The Baden Hotel is the longest continually operating dining establishment in Southern Ontario.

Our History

The Baden Hotel & EJ's Tavern and Restaurant

The original Baden Hotel was a frame structure built in 1858. by Christopher Kraus on land purchased from Jacob Beck, the father of Sir Adam Beck who was the pioneer of electricity in Ontario. In the 1870's the frame hotel was moved to Beck St. in Baden to make way for a new brick building. The Baden Hotel, often known now as EJ's, was opened to the public and dedicated with a date stone on July 22nd 1874.

Being situated adjacent to the railway and having the ability to stable up to 100 horses made The Baden Hotel a vital destination in the community for locals, as well as travelling salesmen and merchants. In the 1910's one unidentified traveller paid for his room and board by hand painting pictures on the existing tin ceiling tiles above the bar.

The train no longer stops in Baden, there is no more need for the stabling of horses, and rooms are no longer rented at the Hotel.
However, The Baden Hotel remains a gathering place for locals and regulars in Wilmot Township. to meet and enjoy each others company in a rustic, country setting.